The Basics About Bail Bonds

This process involves a contractual undertaking presented to the court and guaranteed by a Bail Bondsman and the individual(s) paying for bail (indemnitor’s(s).

The bail agent guarantees the court that the defendant will appear in court each and every time the Judge requires them to do so.

The Bondsman or company makes the deal or promise under oath with the court to make certain the defendant appears as required or they will pursue the fugitive absconder and bring him/her back to jail voluntarily or involuntarily without delay.

As they will also hold the Indemnitor’s(s) financially responsible if the defendant should fail his end of the deal. In turn the Indemnitor’s(s) make a contractual deal with the Bondsman that they will assure the defendant complies with the bail regulations which includes going to every court date, on time, and they are responsible for advising or reminding the defendant complies with dates, times and other requirements set forth by the court and the Bondsman/company. If the defendant and or Indemnitor(s) on a particular bail fail their portion of the bond responsibility, compliance and performance clauses found in the contracts they have agreed to, serious financial ramifications by the Court via the Bondsman will result.