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Right now we are standing by, via phone, 24/7 for your bail bonding needs. Call us at (912) 964-7688 and we will take care of everything without any need to leave your house. During these troubling times, Savannah Bail Bonding is here for you.

 About Us

We are Savannah Bail Bonding

Savannah Bail Bonding was founded in 1997. We may be a young company, but we’ve worked hard to ensure that we can offer everything the big guys can. We can work with any court in Georgia to secure a bail bond. In addition to offering local bonds, we provide nationwide assistance with transfer bonds of any amount and handle both state and federal charges. Let us advocate for your release and be there for you through every step of your case.

Not ready to become a client? We still have you covered. We offer free bond advice, no strings attached. We’re confident you’ll choose us when the time is right.

Savannah Riverboat

Being arrested can be a scary and confusing time, but you can trust in Savannah Bail Bonding to provide you with the best bail bond experience possible. We have a proven track record for success and the expertise to get you released quickly.

Why Choose Us?

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24-Hour Services

Bad luck doesn’t take a day off and neither do we. We’re available all day, every day.

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Respect for You & your Privacy

Legal troubles are stressful enough. We vow to respect you and your privacy while you’re at your most vulnerable.

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Established in Savannah, GA

Our staff is steeped in southern hospitality. Giving you the best bail bond experience possible is our top priority.

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Confidential Treatment

We believe you should be in charge of your personal information. We will not share any details of your case with outside parties.

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Free Bond Advice

Being informed is the first step to making good decisions. Our knowledgeable staff wants to ensure you have all the pieces to the puzzle.

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Compassionate Customer Care

Our office is a judgement-free zone. We treat all of our clients with the highest level of care.