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House Calls

March 10, 2019

Mackey House

Often when a person is incarcerated, a bail bond is only one part of what he or she needs. It makes sense that bail bonds should only be part of what we do. We are excited to announce new services to benefit our clients.

Effective immediately, we will begin accepting house calls. At Savannah Bail Bonding, we wish for everyone to have an equal opportunity for success regardless of their circumstances. Lack of reliable transportation should not disqualify someone from receiving help.

In addition to making house calls, our staff will now assist customers in documentation preparation. We’ve found that a large number of our clients find the documentation required for their cases to be overwhelming. This is especially true for first time offenders who have never had to navigate.

We believe these new services will go a long way toward our customers’ success. If you’d like to add a new service to your case, please contact your bail bond agent.

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