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 The Blonde Bonder

Meia Joiner - CEO at Savannah Bail Bonds

Meia Joiner - The Blonde Bondsman

Meia was born and raised in southern Georgia on one of the largest cotton farms in the country. She and her five older siblings were taught from a young age that honest work was the only way to achieve their potential. Meia’s mother, the essence of a Southern matriarch, made sure Meia understood the importance of being a lady and controlling her image. Her father was a prominent businessman in the land, cotton, and timber industries. He taught Meia that his success rested on three principles: money is power, work for what you want, and a black Cadillac is the finest automobile on the planet. Meia took both of her parents’ lessons, dusted off her small town image, and set out on her own business journey.

After completing school, Meia began a career in sales and started learning everything she would need to know to run her own company. Shortly after, she met a man whose family owned a bail bond business. She immediately knew that bail bonding was her life’s calling and wasted no time establishing her own bail bond agency. Through hard work, long hours, and shrewd marketing, Meia transformed herself into “The Blonde Bonder.” She now owns one of the most lucrative bail bonding agencies in Georgia and drives a black Cadillac.